Founded in 2017 as a concept, Circit aimed to create a platform validating asset ownership across the entire financial services spectrum. The year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Circit secured approval from the Central Bank of Ireland, becoming the inaugural Account Information Service Provider (AISP) under the PSD2 regulation and Open Banking in the UK. The subsequent year, 2020, witnessed an impressive 400% growth in revenue for Circit, accompanied by a threefold expansion of the team.

Looking ahead to the next decade, a monumental transformation is anticipated in the global financial system, characterized by the integration of financial technology into every business. Trust and identity are poised to play pivotal roles in facilitating seamless transactions aligned with market expectations. The forecasted shift involves leveraging automation through Open APIs, AI, and smart contracts, effectively eliminating manual processes. This evolution aims to empower businesses and their advisors to focus on their core strengths, contributing to a secure and sustainable future.

The world's first regulated bank confirmation solution

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Verified Transaction

Auditors now have the unprecedented ability to instantly access comprehensive, precise, and authenticated bank transaction data from client accounts, significantly enhancing the quality of evidence and reducing the risk of fraud.

• Establish a direct connection to client bank accounts to access comprehensive transaction data directly from the source.

Provide clients with the convenience of securely authorizing online through an application, eliminating manual tasks and the need for follow-ups due to missing data.

Enhance your audit testing, whether it involves aligning general ledger data, initiating fraud risk assessments, or conducting going concern reviews. Streamline automation behind the scenes to ensure your teams work efficiently.

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Confirmation requests

Audit automation has arrived. The global finance system is undergoing a systematic transformation driven by the requirement to modernise and generate efficiencies.

Automation, Open Banking and APIs will completely remove manual processing for providers and auditors. Allowing all parties shift time to securing the value and integrity of businesses in a sustainable financial ecosystem.

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Signing Documents

Gain access to a unified repository containing all documents in need of a signature, ranging from engagement letters to financial statements.

Obtain real-time insights into the status of each document sent for signing, accompanied by built-in reminders to encourage prompt action and completion.

Provide seamless e-signing experiences for firm Partners, allowing them to swiftly e-sign multiple documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Automate the creation of e-signing requests, ensuring the right individuals receive the appropriate documents at the optimal times across the entire firm.

Benefit from a comprehensive audit trail, complete with time stamps, IP addresses, and eIDAS certification for each signed document.

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