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idea 100

Level: Introductory
Duration: 8 hours


IDEA is a computer-based file interrogation tool that is used by numerous individuals and organizations including auditors, accountants, investigators, and IT staff. It analyzes data in a multitude of ways and allows for the extraction, sampling, and manipulation of data in order to identify errors, problems, specific issues, and trends. With IDEA, you can read, display, analyze, manipulate, sample, and extract data files from almost any source - mainframe to personal computer. IDEA has functions and features not found in any other product. IDEA’s features help you to work more efficiently and effectively, and add greater value to your organization and projects. 


Day 1 Topics  

1: Introducing IDEA  

2: Managing Databases  

3: Obtaining and Importing the Data  

4: Reconciling and Examining the Data 

5: Isolating Specific Records 

6: Profiling the Data 

7: Identifying Irregularities 

8: Sampling Data 

9: Auditing a General Ledger File 


Day 2 Topics 

10: Manipulating and Adding Fields 

11: Building Equations 

12: Using Multiple Databases 

13: Working with Output 

14: Recap Exercise 

15: Additional Practice 

16: Documentation Standards 

17: Other Products 

18: Accessing Resources 

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